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You know what the information on your documents means to you. We know how to make that information easier to store and less expensive to access.

Once your documents are digitized your documents are available on your own computer network and can be made available from remote locations.

Despite the everyday use of desktop computers and the ability to communicate via the Internet, the generation of paper continues. This paper must be filed or stored at the expense of your business and makes retrieving certain documents difficult and costly.
  • Record Systems, Inc. can turn this paper into a highly searchable digital format that would allow the data to be retrieved with a few keystrokes from your desktop computer or network. Using a proven document conversion system to turn your paper documents into digital files, Record Systems, Inc. can help you reallocate resources, increase productivity and trim customer expense.

  • Imaging systems requires the documents to be prepared before scanning and indexing to check for the quality of the original documents. There is a wide latitude of paper sizes that can be accommodated by various digital formats depending on the customer's needs.

  • Record Systems, Inc. will confer with your business to determine how to approach the conversion. Becoming familiar with your business's files allows us to determine the appropriate system for fast retrieval; an important factor in the prepping, scanning and indexing process.

  • Have you considered The Cloud? We can get you there. Still wary of your data stored in The Cloud? You can keep your data on site in addition to a cloud based solution. Enter the hybrid system. Be sure to back up your data off-site and as often as you can afford.
As enticing as a digital system sounds, some records are required to be retained for longer periods of time which entails storage and manually retrieving documents. Microfilm is a safe and cost efficient method to archive and retrieve documents. The longevity of microfilm makes it the logical choice for many businesses and government entities. The microfilming process is a simple procedure. Documents must be prepared, filmed, the film processed and checked for accuracy. With the proper film and storage, microfilm can last an expected 500 years.


  • Record Systems, Inc. has a long history of processing microfilm or fiche and duplication of original microfilm for archive purposes.
  • Record Systems, Inc. can duplicate either 16 mm or 35mm microfilm
  • Jacketizing and inserting of microfilm.
  • Microfilm can also be turned into a digital format. Your business may already have a large amount of microfilm on rolls or in microfiche jackets. Digitizing the microfilm expedites the document retrieval process when needed, saving your business time and expense.
  • Record Systems, Inc. can make the digital file type conversion
  • Make copies of CDs and DVDs
  • Convert microfilm images: store on Flash Drive, in the Cloud, or other Media
Document Preparation is very important to the overall quality of either scanning or microfilming. Careful examination of all documents is a must. Removing staples, paper clips, rubber bands and repairing torn paper demands that each page must be inspected closely. Our quality of work speaks to the dedication of our workforce and care each of our associates uses to ensure the best final product. This is what you can expect from Record Systems.

Do you have a need for documents to be shredded after viewing the results of filming or scanning? That is no problem. Record Systems works with local companies to shred records with the option given to your organization to monitor the process.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • No capital investment
  • No equipment to maintain
  • No additional manpower
  • Many years of experience from our well trained associates
  • Fast turn around. Ask how quickly you can have your files.
  • Lowered space considerations at your location
  • Pickup and delivery of your documents
  • Quality Check
  • Record Systems can come to your location.

Reasons to Microfilm

  • The best image quality
  • Prevention of lost data due to environmental issues
  • Stop the loss of data due to fire
  • Your data can be backed up and stored off site keeping you in business
  • Duplicating rolls of film
  • Archiving for 100 - 500 years

Reasons to Scan

  • Great image quality.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so that a computer can do the search for text
  • Faster retrieval of your documents
  • Black and white or color
  • DPI from 100 to 600
  • Blank page removal
  • Auto Image cropping
  • Auto Image de-skewing and rotation
  • Color dropout
  • Searchable PDF documents PDF/A
  • Your data can be on CD-ROM/DVD, Flash Drive and Duplicate Film
  • Data can be delivered to a secure FTP Website
  • Multiple formats such as TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PDF/A and numerous others
  • Page numbering or coding (Bates Stamp)
Record Systems, Inc. uses a digital Archive Writer that makes microfilms even better! Does your business have digital images that you want to archive to microfilm? See what our new equipment can do for you.

FOIA - Record Systems has for many years worked extensively with law firms, individuals and other governmental and non-governmental organizations to make those records available in a convenient searchable form. Establishing legal responsibility is a matter of documentation in the court system. You will need to present the evidence to justify your claims. Either at our offices or on-site, we can provide that service for you. Record Systems Inc. works with many law firms all over the United States. Do you have special requirements? Let us get you what you need.

Preserve your Memories & Important documents today!

We at Record Systems are here to assist individuals and businesses big or small, with Document scanning and format conversion needs. Whether you want to preserve precious memories like family photos or old news clippings, we can do this for you. Do you need digital copies of important documents such as contracts or wills? What about that old box of Photos that can become damaged due to humidity, temperature, or Mother Nature Tornado, flood or fire. Let us digitize those memories on a CD/DVD or flash drive and protect for future generations to come! Our qualified staff is prepared to assist you with your needs.